Above Genus, Below Order

by Spiral Ganglion

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(free) 01:21


For my family.

My father's side.
My mother.
My dog (RIP).
My father.
My cat.
My sister.
My mother's side.


released January 7, 2013

Music by Ivan Reese, recorded at Supermoon Mansion in November and December 2012.

Kiri Rix plays flute on Lar de Clune, and sings and purrs on Mewl Beans.

Ivan Reese sings and plays piano, several guitars, bass, drums, several organs, xylophone, cello, glockenspiel, whisks, grating, granite blocks, tuning pipes, chrometta, melodica, tin whistle, double flute, bass clarinet, and other stuff.




Spiral Ganglion Calgary, Alberta

Over ten years, Ivan Reese recorded one second of music for every ninety-one seconds of his life.

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Track Name: Tanama
Press your eyelash to my cheek, and brush my teeth a silky sleek.

I have seen no lights out, above it all. I have gone and come again and found a

- light -

streaking down in 'tween the leaves, a forest full of turning trees, fall floating free of gravity.

A roaring sea of billion seeds, make honey of the flowering trees, the buzzing of a thousand bees.

Run until your face is frosted white with ice.

I'm running. From the past. But not running from; running for.
Track Name: Lar de Clune
Solace innate, inane, and so true. Sharpness engraved, enraged, to hurt you. I feel uncaged, brave, under curfew. This ancient age, arranged, a purview. You are a sage, insane, and so true; hollow, opaque, solid, and see-through.

Lar de Clune, I spell your doom. You're on another.

I need you to be a big big big big mouth, and let your letters out. Run down and do the rumbly-tumbly-bumbly throwdown with my little ones. Work out, get the lead out, put your head out, and grow a water spout. The fire in your heart will melt eleven or twelve sired counterparts: my children, your grandchildren, their grandchildren, future pilgrims, future phantoms, little tantrums, we will have them in our family.
Track Name: Aargh Aargh Aargh
Call out your part. Who? What? One day you'll fly free,
Call out your part. Who? What? One day you'll fly free,
and I know why.
Call out your part. Who? What? One day you'll fly free,
and hey let's go.